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Pocket Mocha - Black

Absolutely Adorable

I purchased this and a few other items for me and my Beary. *insert teddy bear emoji here* I kept this sticker for myself and gave him the jar of hearts. I plan on sticking this to the back of my Milk notebook. It's a big sticker so I can't put it on my water bottle without covering other favorites.

cute bag for every da

this bag is absolutly cute and the quality is very good.

Stock out

I am French and I have already ordered from you but the black sweaters have been out of stock for several weeks, please restock


Great quality which is wat I cared about the most

Stickers & key rings

Just love the stickers, so cute! The key rings (bought the metal ones, one each of Milk & Mocha). Great quality. Will be buying more!

Cutest Keychain I've Ever Purchased

Loved the item, gave it to my crush and she loves it. She has Mocha and I have Milk. It's great, thank you for making a high quality product. Love it 💕

Good quality

The card was in a small envelope, well protected, and the paper is of good quality ! And this is adorable. Thanks

So cute

My boyfriend was so happy ! Thanks :)

Star Blanket
Artom Z.
love this blanket

star blanky is hype

Much Needed!

This sticker is adorable! It's larger than I had anticipated it being and I gave it to my Beary (an ironic nickname since Milk and Mocha are bears lol). I'm not sure where he'll put it, but he has my heart(s).

Adorable Keychain

Girlfriend loves the keychain. Great work!

Package was sent back due to address mishap

Due to the address not being fully specific the shirt never arrives and was sent back. I had some contact with the support team saying the shirt would be shipped back out when it returned to the company,but it's been almost a month and I've not heard back. :( I love the merch and I love supporting my favorite bears. But this was important to me and it saddens me to not k ow what's going on.

The durability and Colour

The quality of the material is very thick and the colour of the shirt is very bright - looks great! The only thing I am wondering how long the printed image would last …

Hanging Out Canvas Tote Bag


Really good quality, and the colors are just as vibrant as the stock photos


Hello! Thank you for asking. I was so glad to be able to purchase one of the stuff you have around those lovely bears. I’m gonna be honest, it’s perfect for me but I just opened it and had a look before sending it as it was for a present, but the quality and the colour, I was in love with it. I’m still waiting because it hasn’t been delivered yet but I will reach you if you want to let you know about what my girlfriend thought of it, but honestly I think she will love it!
Greetings! And thank you for creating those cute little bears!

Cute and Sweet

Bought this for my partner and I can't wait to see the look on his face! The card itself is solid, too. It's not thin and flimsy.

Super cute!

I still can’t decide what to put it on - but it’s so adorable!

Its great!!

My other halfs birthday is coming up and this is great for her; thank you!!

Bear Book

Loved it. Just wished it had some more details inside.

Love these.

These are so nicely made. Fit great and are very warm.

Great :)

Birthday Card - Milk's Surprise