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Star Blanket
Noah C.
Top Notch!

Got this for my partner and I and we both love it! Not only is it adorable, but the fabric is very high quality! And it's sooooo soft! Couldn't be happier 😁

Star Blanket
Jose M.
10/10 amazing quality and cute

Got it for my girlfriend and was jealous it isn’t mine

Great Blanket

Soft n fluffy. Same blanket as milk n mochas. Decent size could be bigger but other than that awesome blanket. Wife loves it and perfect for kids too.

Soft and super cute!

Love, love, love, my blanket. It’s so soft, and it’s the perfect size to wrap yourself up in with a good book! Super cute, too!

Star Blanket
Anthony S.

My partner & I finally got these to keep each other warm while snugged up watching shows & movies! Very soft and cuddly and the build quality & stitching seems good! Happy to support the MilkMochaBear team!

Milk Plush
Enrique A.
Perfect gifs

In simple words perfect

Nice and soft blanket for my baby

Star Blanket
Christine M.
Just lovely

Blanket is super soft, cozy and to cute. Thec details you don't see in the photo, plus the packaging above and beyond. On brand with milk and mocha's cuteness. Only complaint is blanket could be larger for!

Star Blanket
Sean L.
Bear 🐻 with me

This blanket is awesome! So soft and comfortable like getting a Milk Bear Hug

Star Blanket
David L.
Great quality!

My wife and I love the blanket!

Star Blanket
Ananth A.J.

Star Blanket

Star Blanket
Agustin N.

With my girlfriend we are very happy to have this article that is very special for Milk and Mocha

The Best!

We love our star blanket! Been wanting to get one for so long and we are so glad we finally got one. Also bought a Milk and Mocha plushie, and they look so cute wrapped up in the star blanket. The quality on the blanket was absolutely amazing there was no issues whatsoever! Both sides of the blanket are soft and cuddly as well, we absolutely love it!

Better than I Expected

I loved them; they look much better than what i expected and my partner loved the gift; everything about it; the design, the texture, how soft and warm it feels. And also the gesture since we really love all the Milk & Mocha content. Thank you so much for helping me bring such joy to her.

Star Blanket
Jimryannest C.

Amazing blanket so soft!

Star Blanket
Queenie L.
Love the blanket!

Love the feeling and size of the blanket. I wish they would post customers also purchasing from USA when tagged on instagram.

Star Blanket
Amanda A.
So soft

I bought this because i loved the design. The stars and the purple design are just so cute.

I love how soft it is and that you can basically play "Where are Milk, Mocha, and Matcha" hiding.

It's gonna be great for the winter months.

Precious Bags

This is an incredibly well-made sturdy bag with the added cuteness of Milk and Mocha. If you like Milk and Mocha or you're looking for a new bag, this is definitely one you should consider

Super cute!!

The packaging is so nice I haven’t even “unwrapped it” yet. It’s soft and a beautiful purple. Super dreamy and worth the buy

Mocha Plush
Brittany K.
I love him so much!!!!!!

I’ve been waiting forever to get Mocha!!! So happy :)

Star Blanket
Jonathan M.

Too small for the price

Birthday Card - Milk's Surprise

Star Blanket
Diane T.
Star Blanket

I love the blanket! It is so cute and fluffy.

Star Blanket
jaimie a.
Love it!

Love the quality and softness, worth the wait!

Star Blanket
Rose G.

Been waiting for this soo long gave this as a gift to my bf and he loved it. We both adore milk and mocha so much