Large Milk Plush

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Version Milk
  • Introducing the large version of the irresistibly cute Milk plush!
  • This plush is made of soft polyester material and stands at 12 inches (30 cm) tall.
  • This Milk plush is perfect for cuddling, or simply as a decorative piece for your room.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Jared G.
I love those teddy bears 🐻 🐻‍❄ 😍 ❤️ 🧸 🐻 🧸 🐻

I love my investment of those teddy bears 🐻 🐻‍❄ 🧸

Klova studios 1 day you should make a TV SHOW of Milk Mocha bear till you can find voice actors and actresses

Those teddy bears 🐻 🐻‍❄ 🧸 are so adorable and cute that they can put a tear on a heartless person's face or turn a heartless person's heart from black to red

I love my investment of those teddy bears 🐻 🐻‍❄ 🧸

Thank you Klova Studios and I love you Milk Mocha Bear

What is there not to love about those teddy bears 🐻 🐻‍❄ 🧸 when they're so cute 😍 🧸 😍 😍 ❤️ ♥️ Milk and Mocha bring so much joy and warmth in my heart

Joseph C.
Good quality

These bears are of good quality. I got the bigger ones for my wife to cuddle with.

Mascotas Grandes Milk y Mocha


Estoy tremendamente agradecido por tener a los 2 peluches tanto Milk como Mocha. Todo llegó correctamente y en un excelente estado.

Gracias de corazón por existir y por wl amor q hay entre 2 ositos.

Besos y abrazos.

Subiré las fotos a Instagram muy pronto!!!!!

Kevin G.

Large Milk Plush

Amanda M.

Large Milk Plush