Birthday Card - My gift for you


  • A cute birthday card with Mocha giving Milk's favorite gift!
  • Birthday card printed on thick, soft-touch matte card stock.
  • Please use a ballpoint pen or marker for best results. Allow a few seconds for ink to completely dry if it looks wet still.
  • Card is 4" x 6" with a white envelope included.
  • Blank inside.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Carlos M.

Great packaging

Laura S.


Kevin W.
Lovely Card

The card arrived professionally packaged in a clear envelope showcasing the lovely art. Card was nice and thick and held up well to the stickers I used in it. Would buy again!

Matus J.

Birthday Card - My gift for you

Linda C.
Birthday Card - The Carrot Gift Picture

I really love the birthday cards. I noticed that the quality of the paper it was printed on was quite high, nice sturdy card stock like paper. Really appreciate that quality. The cartoons are super cute and I find that a lot of the cartoons express things in all our daily lives...and they really do seem to reflect how my husband and I are like. I'm often the super excited one and he's the more calm and cool as a cucumber one like Mocha. The same kind of dynamics are reflective of myself and a close friend of mine too.

I also love that Milk loves carrots. It kind of ties in with our lives there as well...we love bunnies and as "parents" to 4 bunnies right now, Milk is like my bear avatar.

I was very happy to accidentally discover that there were Milk and Mocha products for purchase. I will keep my eyes open for more things to buy! I got the keychains too. Love them!