Enamel Keychain - Milk


  • Bring Milk around with you where ever you go.
  • All metal keychain with gold mirror finish on the side and detailing, textured matte on the back with milkmochabear logo.
  • Comes with a mini clasp and 2 charms (carrot and star).
  • Size of Milk: 1.5" x 1.25"
  • Length of Keychain: 4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 390 reviews
Matteo S.

This gadget is beautiful

Sydney S.

I love this, I also purchased Mocha! I use them specifically for my car keys, Milk is mine and Mocha is my spare. Excellent quality and wonderfully made!
Looking forward to making other purchases from the store in the future!

Adorable but dented :(

I just bought it at a convention yesterday because me and my boyfriend use Milk and Mocha on discord alot and bought the two, one for each of us but Milk has a bit of a defect with a lil dent near her ear on the right. They are quite expensive for enamel keychains and I'm sad the one I was planning to gift my boyfriend ended up being dented especially with how cute it looks. Luckily Mocha is 100% fine and adorable.

Jennifer H.
Cutie Milk!

This enamel keychain is just as adorable as the Mocha one. I bought this one for myself and sent the Mocha one to someone special so we had matching keychains <3 It is heavier than I expected, and the chain and latch seem delicate so I plan on using extreme care with it. Milk's rosy cheeks make me smile and remind me of that special someone :) I love being able to carry this reminder with me every day.