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I want to buy the product but u ship this product in india...??

Great T-Shirt

Very cute, very comfy, fits well. Win all around.


Lovely keychain

The best

My favorite forever

Super cute!

I absolutely love these, they're super cute and just the right size. My only problem is the clip part has something wrong where it stays open or jams closed. Other than that it's so cute.

Super cute!

I got these for my boyfriend and I and they are adorable. I thought they were going to be bigger, but I actually prefer them this size.

Enamel Keychain - Mocha

Pocket Milk - Black

Mocha keychain

I love it so much, the quality is so good & smooth, it is very cute keychain.

Milk keychain

It is so cute & the quality is good, i love it.

Cutest T-shirt Ever!

Love the design - it's not too over the top and yet is still super adorable! The fabric is very smooth and stretchy. Love it!

So Adorable!

The quality of the image is nice crisp and clear, the material thickness is sturdy and durable. I love it!

Sticker Pack - Milk 1st Edition

The best

Its so sturdy! The colours really pop and it's just the cutest thing ever!!!

Pocket Mocha - Black
Chantelle K.
Milk and Mocha the GOAT

Very soft and comfortable material. Very pleasing to see and its pretty cute. hehe

Cutiest tee's ever

I purchased both the Milk and Mocha bear pocket shirts for my bf and I.
We love them so much 💗

So cute!

I love this shirt! Great print quality and material, very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended!

Pocket Milk - Black

Lanyard - Drink
Gabriel G.

Lanyard - Drink

Very disappointing

I received my Mocha shirt with great expectations. Unfortunately, the print is misaligned and it looks like a complete misproduction. Given the shipping cost and the time I waited, I am beyond disappointed.

Cute Keychain!

I love this keychain, it's very cute and light-weight! :3

Absolutely Gorgeous

This bag is an amazing Milkandmocha lovers must have, I love it and it follows me everywhere. Just that perfect size, not too big not too small

Pocket Milk
Genevieve P.
Good quality!

This is the second tshirt I get like this one and I can tell the quality is way higher this time! Very soft and the color is super vibrant! I love it!

LOVE THE SHIRTS… wasn’t expecting the material tho

The shirts were what I wanted and I loved them for me and my bf. When I got the shirts I was surprised they were a spandexish material. I expected full cotton but the spandex material made it more gym like. Otherwise I still love them.

Overwhelmed Cross Body Bag & milkmochua key chains

I love the quality of the bag, smooth & easy to take care. The key chains are cute & strong. I love them very much.