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Super soft

My Girlfriend and I love these and they’re very adorable! Plus the fabric is super soft! I only wish that the shirts were a little bit longer but that’s probably just because I like my shirts on the longer side. They still fit great nonetheless!


I love this keychain! It was packaged perfectly and the item was in great condition. I have this and the Mocha keychain on my purse and I love them both. The perfect pair!

Super cute and amazing quality

Pocket Mocha

The cutest!

Super well constructed and absolutely adorable.

Gorgeous & Cute!

It arrived sooner than expected and was packaged beautifully. Love the look and feel of this key chain!


They are cute and lovely and very good quality


Well made and the cutest stickers around

It’s so cute, my bf and I love them!

Birthday Card - Mocha's Surprise


Me and my girlfriend each have one on our keychains and we love them :D


I got mochi and milk Keychains and the birthday cards which were lovely.
Would buy again for sure and whatever product comes out next


Absolutely loved this t. There is no bubbling on the enamel or scratches to take away from its cuteness.


Really cute! Nice size. Would love it if Mocha was smiling though.

Worth it

It’s so adorable, and it’s really sturdy so it’s worth the price.

Cutest card!

She also has the same birthday as Milk 🥳

Great Birthday Gift

Got these for my wife for her birthday. Every day we normally send each a post of Milk&Mocha to describe our going on's so a permanent reminder was just gift to make her smile. Not only that but they're very nicely made and pleasing to look at. She already posted her response in Twitter talking about how she liked them so I'll just leaving her photos here too.

Love in a notebook

This notebook is an absolutely cute must have to take notes, write, take a break, to do listing, anything that could have need a note book. The perfect gift for a loved one

Pocket Milk

Enamel Keychain - Milk

I Love It!

This keychain brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it. I just love it.

My partner and I gifted each other both keychains. They look cute and the quality is great!

Milk and Mocha!!

Love the keychains and the little charms that came with them. I carry milk and she carries mocha

Enamel Keychain - Mocha

I'm very happy received my Enamel key-chain-Mocha purchase from team milkmochabear. Recently they are includes global deliveries. Smooth process.