Star Blanket

  • Milk and Mocha's Favourite blanket to cuddle in
  • As featured in the comics, its got some extra details to make it special!
  • Material: 100% polyester, flannel sherpa with printed starts and little details
  • Blanket Size: 60" x 50" (152cm x 127cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Warm and soft!

I love this blanket. It's everything you hoped the Milk and Mocha purple star blanket would be. It's seriously soft and very warm. There's also a small star for Milk, Mocha, and Matcha in the pattern. Cute!

My only complaint is that I wish the blanket was bigger. I'd easily pay $100 for a blanket that's twice this size. The existing blanket is big enough to cover your waist/legs, but not really big enough to cover you from head to toe.

I hope they consider making an extra large version in the future!!

You won’t believe it!

I love the new, soft fabrics now available - throws, toys, blankets, you name it., but NEVER have I found anything NEARLY as soft and comfy as this. It’s warm: I think you could camp out in the snow with this and be perfectly comfortable. Okay, maybe that last bit was over the top, but you really have trust me that the softness and warmth is like nothing I have ever come across. If you get one M & M item, get the blanket. You will be amazed! One las thought. It’s fun to have a blanket like the one the bears use. I’d love to live in their world.

Wing Y.M.


Cute and Warm

I really like this! It’s so cute, comfy, and warm
My only critiques are that I wish it was bigger (longer), and I don’t like that it’s two separate layer just stitched around the edge, makes it seem cheap

Erik J.
Cute and Cozy

The blanket is wonderful and very very soft. It immediately comes a cozy feeling. The quality is very good and I would buy the blanket again. Maybe there will be an XXL-version soon?